Grand national Rules

Grand National Rules for 100 lap Shootout



Pro Slot S16d, Parma S16d or smaller like JK Hawk 7 or Pro Slot 16d


Any 4 ½” steel chassis

1/8  or 3/32 solid steel rear axle

Any pitch straight or angle pinion

Any pitch plastic gear

3/32 or larger full length front axles

Must run front tires, minimum size is 3/8 (.375) width x 5/8 (.625) diameter on aluminum or plastic wheels.  Minimum 2 inches separation between front tires.

May run any height guide flag & shims with aluminum, steel, plastic or brass nut & approved braids

1/16 (.062) tech tool must clear gear and chassis

Axle bushing holes may be altered in chassis to lower or raise bushings.  

Bushings may be soldered in

No bearings allowed

No excessive chassis contact to the track


Any approved rear tires, no minimum size

Tires may be changed but must pass tech tool height & width when changed, even during the race and approved by the Race Director

Rear tread width must pass tech tool before, during & after race


Any approved 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s model cars lettered to duplicate NASCAR Grand National cars of that era

Front must be cut using molded cut line on all bodies that provide one.  Outisite bodies without cutline must retain defined molded front ends.

Clearance for guide flag is allowed

Must be painted with numbers

Cars should be lettered with sponsors