Nascar Hard Body Rules

H&R CH07 car only

H&R 26,000 rpm motor part #HRMCI

Must run stock as comes except:

· Minimum chassis height .047

· Minimum front tire diameter .950

· Minimum rear tire diameter .975

· Loctite all screws is recommended

· May run any guide flag, guide spacers, guide nut, leadwire& clips

· May run any 48 pitch gear ratio

· Must run H&R Nascar wide and narrow width foam tire only but you may run four tires in any combination

· Chassis wheel base may be adjusted per stock holes

· Rear tire width must be 3.400 at all times before, during & after race.


· Model car bodies only

· American made – full and midsize cars as were raced on tri oval Nascar tracks

· Intent of the class is for the cars to look like real Nascar of it’s era

· Body roof height – 1.750 minimum off the car sitting on rocker panels

· Minimum body weight – 40 grams

· Must have full front windshield

· Must have plastic front & rear bumpers

· Wheel wells may be altered for tire clearance

· Must have roof and door numbers